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Compensation Claims Lawyers (cont'd)

Accidents inevitably happen and when they occur they can often throw the victims life into turmoil. For the victims of an accident they may have medical costs, reduced mobility, excessive pain, loss of income and more which can be directly attributed to the accident.

This all adds stress to an already bleak situation but there is something that an accident victim can do. Compensation claim lawyers can assist individuals who are involved in such an accident dependant on who is at fault.

The first thing an individual who is thinking of making a claim should do is find out how strong their claim is. The best way to do this is compile all the facts about ones situation and details of the accident. Then contact lawyers who specialise in claims procedures and explain in as much detail as possible how the accident occurred and what injuries and traumas have been suffered. The lawyers should then be able to assess the strength of the claim and determine the best course of action. It is important that a victim of an injury takes action quickly as there is a limited time frame in which a case can be made.

A claimant seeking compensation can do so for any injury received where there are two parties involved and the claimant is not at fault. Common types of claims include car accidents, slips and trips on public property or in the workplace, medical negligence, and other work related accidents.

If it is determined there is a good chance of success then proceedings can start after a lawyer has been selected. Many of the lawyers will offer a no win no fee contract to the claimant. This means that in the event off the claimant losing the action no fee will have to be paid to the claimants lawyer. It is possible however that the claimant may have to pay all the defendants court and lawyer fees. In the event that the individual making the claim is successful then the claimant should receive close to one hundred percent of the amount awarded, plus all lawyer and court fees are paid by the defendant or plaintiff.

When the action is filed it is always preferred and most commonly fulfilled that the case will never reach courts and a settlement can be reached early between the two parties. This outcome is usually dependant on the defendant accepting responsibility for the accident and injuries. Once this has been agreed the legal team of both parties will negotiate on the amount to be awarded.

Factors that will influence the award to be paid will include the severity of the injury, its long term affects and its impairment on everyday life. Income lost due to the inability to continue working, medical costs incurred and damage to property if applicable will also be included in the final sum. Any other costs or losses that can be directly attributed to the injury should be included.

How quickly a claim is settled is dependent on a number of influences. The most important aspect of this is the defendants willingness to accept blame or admit negligence for the resulting accident. If after being notified the defendant quickly takes responsibility compensation could be awarded in a few months. This time will also be used to secure medical records, eye witness statements, police reports and other information necessary to expedite the action. If blame is not accepted early, or not at all, then the claim may have to proceed to court. In this event it is difficult to know the time frame of settlement. It may be many more extra months or even years before it is concluded.

Whilst it is a daunting prospect to start proceedings against an individual or organisation it is even worse to suffer extended loss of income and mobility due to an accident. For those unsure if they should proceed with an action the only thing that needs to be asked is whose fault was it? If this answer is not you then it is almost definite that action be taken to prevent further difficulties. Many people also worry that if claiming against work that they may lose their job or be victimised further if returning. For the employer this would be very detrimental as if it is proved, further action could be taken against them which could harm the organisation monetarily and publicly.

In summary compensation claim lawyers are available to be first consulted about an accident, determine who is at fault, bring action if deemed appropriate, and then settle a case. Most claims are quickly resolved and blame determined. The victim should receive compensation and be able to recover without additional stress.


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